Kashmir House represents a special dedication to the art of creating shawls.

We consider the shawls to be the most important accessory - the link between a women's face and the rest of her clothes.

Since generations we have specialised in creating shawls with our motto: "Do one thing and do it well".

The cost for a Kashmir House shawl is considerable - but owning a shawl with a design that is timeless and in a quality that by far exceeds what you see elsewhere is a privilege, which we feel justifies the price.

1. Colour Codes: The quality of the shawls is expressed through a careful selection of colours that unite in a perfect symbiosis.

2. Extravagance: The designs are by no means anonymous. The main point of the shawls is to attract attention- and maybe add another vivid dimension and give life to a classic and understated wardrobe.

3. Soft durability: The shawls are made of nature's materials. The fabrics are strong and soft at the same time. They are all unique and a state-of-the-art.

4. Multi-purpose: Wear it around the neck, around the waist, above the collar or underneath-the choice is yours. Kashmir House shawls can be worn in different ways for different occasions.

5. Uniqueness: Kashmir House shawls are not a mass-produced product - all shawls are Limited Editions.